You'll never need to be hungry at Liseberg. Our wide selection of restaurants in the park serve dishes from our own Swedish culinary traditions as well as food inspired from faraway countries and delicious seafood.


Enjoy the delicacies of the sea - Fish and seafood is a must when visiting Göteborg –  enjoy it at Hamnkrogen in Liseberg Harbour! This restaurant, inspired by the Swedish west coast, offers a sensational array of taste experiences.

Lisebergs Wärdshus

Take in the view of the Mirror Pond while enjoying a meal made from carefully selected ingredients and a passion for ecologically and locally produced food.

The Green Room

The Green Room offers a 100% vegetarian cuisine in a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy a buffet of various exciting dishes full of natural flavors.

Stjärnornas Krog

Stjärnornas Krog is situated next to Stora Scenen (the main stage) and is inspired by the artists who have performed there throughout the years. Enjoy everything from premium hamburgers and off the grill meals to fresh salads.


All aboard! - Train enthusiasts with a hearty appetite are on the right track here. The setting is inspired by the world of railways, complete with seating compartments, freight cars, platforms and much more. Climb aboard the train, which chugs right into the world of a tasty swedish cuisine.


Skeppsmagasinet is located in Liseberg's harbour area. Here you'll find food for everyone, big or small! Choose from Fish and chips, ribs and sandwiches and kids menues for all tastes.

Gasten Ghost Bar

You find Gasten Ghost Bar next to Hamnkrogen located
in Liseberg harbour area. We offer food and drinks with cold shivers and the fright of your life! The menu is hair-raising and the desserts to die for...


The waiters and musicians in their Tyrolean costumes create the perfect atmosphere, whether you’re sitting inside or outdoors. A taste of Austria at Liseberg. 
Dont miss Tyrolen's new biergarten!


Relax with a caffè latte or an espresso macchiato and a delicious pastry in the italian atmosphere of Trebello.


At Trebello you also find fresh salads, a variety of pasta and sandwiches among other things. Welcome and benvenuti!

Café Taube

With a view overlooking the two stages Stora scenen and Taubescenen, enjoy good food and an atmosphere inspired by the Swedish musician and globetrotter Evert Taube.


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