Liseberg Prio

Several hotels in the Gothenburg area are Liseberg Prio Partners and offer packages that combine accommodation with a visit to Liseberg.


When you book a Liseberg Prio package you get early admission to the amusement park from 9:30 am, which gives you one and a half hours to ride on a selection of attractions before we open the park to the public. Prio guests then have access to 18 of the park’s 41 attractions, including the whole of Rabbit Land and the Helix and Lisebergbanan roller coasters.


By the time the park opens to the public you will already have had the chance to try out several rides! (And if you are brave enough you can get to be first in the queue for this year’s new ride, Mechanica ...)

Liseberg Prio applies every day of the week during peak season at the park, in weeks 26–33. 


Everything you need to know about Liseberg Prio

The following hotels are Liseberg

Prio Partners:

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