Unique impression left by Paul Bocuse


February 12, 2010


On 12 February master chef Paul Bocuse joined the ranks of numerous sports stars and music celebrities to become the first chef – and the first person from France – to take his place in Liseberg’s Walk of Fame.

Unique impression left by Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse, who has been called the chef of chefs, is a living legend in gastronomic circles. On Friday 12 February he visited Liseberg to make his handprints at Liseberg’s Walk of Fame.


The chef pressed his hands firmly into the cement and completed the process by signing his autograph. When his signature turned out slightly off-centre it became clear that Paul Bocuse is a perfectionist.

“Can you centre it afterwards or should I sign again?” asked the 84-year-old celebrity chef curiously.


Many famous names can already be seen at Liseberg’s Walk of Fame, including those of Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney and Whitney Houston, but Paul Bocuse is the first chef and the first Frenchman.


“It’s a big honour for Liseberg and all our restaurants to welcome a legend such as Paul Bocuse. He has made an enormous contribution to the restaurant world and we are very pleased he has come to visit,” said Thomas Sjöstrand, CEO of Lisebergs Restaurant AB.


For more information, please contact Julia Vasilis, Communication and PR Department.
Phone +46 (0)31-733 04 07, +46 (0)705-32 84 07. E-mail: julia.vasilis@liseberg.se

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