Liseberg presents Mechanica



Liseberg continues to invest in exceptional ride experiences. In spring 2015 the amusement park will open Mechanica, a powerful, high-speed attraction that spins riders through 360 degrees – 30 metres up in the air. 

Liseberg presents Mechanica

Mechanica is an attraction that will challenge even the most daring. The ride can best be described as flying at high speed in a pendulum motion while gradually spinning round on two axes through 360 degrees.


Mechanica will be five metres taller than SpinRock, will swing 60 degrees more than Uppswinget and its seats will be free to rotate through 360 degrees, like the old TopSpin ride. Put simply, Mechanica has taken the best of all the scariest rides and added special toppings of everything.

“We know that many of our guests want more attractions of this type. The attraction we have chosen is also one of the very best available in its class,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.


Mechanica will undoubtedly be one of the most impressive attractions in the park in terms of ride experience and concept.

“We want to offer our guests something that goes beyond the 90 seconds of the ride itself,” explains Andreas Andersen. “Through a combination of unique design, carefully selected music and inspiration draw from eighteenth-century Gothenburg we are aiming to create an all-round experience. It will be a strange machine that mixes contemporary and historical elements, like something straight out of a fairy tale.”


Its wide range of attractions makes Liseberg one of the best amusement parks in Europe for thrill seekers. The selection includes some of the top roller coasters in Europe, including Helix, Lisebergbanan and Balder. The arrival of Mechanica will bring the number of attractions up to 42.

“There are not many parks in Europe that can compete with Liseberg in terms of ride experiences. Mechanica will push us even further up the rankings in the high-adrenalin ride category. But while we have these really challenging attractions we also have Rabbit Land for families with young children. Liseberg has something for everyone,” says Andreas Andersen.


Liseberg – and Mechanica – will open for the summer season on 25 April 2015.


Mechanica facts:
Investment: SEK 30 million
Height: around 30 metres
Ride time: around 90 seconds
Number of riders: 30 (6 gondolas with 5 seats each)
Capacity: 600 people per hour
Minimum height: 140 cm
Attraction type: Star Shape
Manufacturer: Zierer Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH



For more information, please contact:
Andreas Andersen, CEO, Liseberg, +46 (0)31-733 01 00 or +46 (0)761-00 80 00
Kenneth Berndtsson, Technical Manager, Liseberg, +46 (0)31-733 0469
Daniel Lindberg, Attraction Manager, Liseberg, +46 (0)31-733 0254 

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