Screamin' Swing

The big attraction Uppswinget (Screamin’ Swing) is a gigantic, pneumatically powered swing with two gondolas, each holding 16 people seated back to back, with their legs dangling freely high above the ground. It’s like riding a roller coaster – according to those who’ve dared to try it. Screaming Swing is open during summer.

Facts about  Screamin' Swing

Open during: Summer and Halloween 
Size limit: 140 cm
Coupons: 2 ride coupons
Acceleration: 0–80 km/h ten times
Capacity: 32 people/ride
Top speed: 80 km/h
Attraction height: 30 metres
Maximum ride height: 40 metres above the ground
Maximum swing angle: 120 degrees
Built by: S&S Worldwide, Inc., USA


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