Rabbit Land

Welcome to Rabbit Land – a special area for children, and Liseberg Rabbits' own universe of children's attractions, cafés, shops, wheel of fortune and games.
Play around and have fun with the rabbits!


Rabbit Land is the rabbits’ own universe right in the heart of Liseberg.

Facts about Rabbit Land:

 Area: 10,000 square metres.
Rides: 13 attractions:





Bushållplatsen is a large playground, one that only the Liseberg Rabbits could imagine building. It is a place where kids can play with the Rabbits in the most imaginative ways – and they won’t need a ride pass or ticket.



What to eat?

Next to Rabbit Land there is a picnic area, a frequently requested feature for guests who want to bring their own food to the park. For those who prefer not to picnic there are a family restaurant with three units: Burger King with 250 seats outdoors, the Rabbits’ own pancake restaurant and a sandwich restaurant for those guests looking for a healthier option.


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