Helix - The next level

Helix is the new generation roller coaster and Liseberg’s biggest ride investment ever. It is the longest and fastest in Scandinavia and probably one of best roller coasters in the world, featuring everything from air time, and double launches at up to 4.3 G and 100 kph in a ride lasting around two minutes. Totally awesome! Helix is open during summer and Halloween.


Note! Remember that queuing times for Helix can be long, so get a place in the queue well before Helix closes. One tip is to download the Liseberg app so that you can keep an eye on queuing times.

Facts about Helix

Open during: Summer and Halloween
Minimum height- and age limit: 130 cm and 7 years
Number of ride coupons: 4
Manufacturer: Mack Rides
Ride time: around 2 minutes
Difference in altitude: 52 m
Track length: 1,381 m
Maximum G-force: 4.3
Negative G-force (weightlessness): 3 times
Inversions (upside down): 7 times
Top speed:100 kph


Make queuing fun with Helix Game

Compete in what is probably the world’s first synchronised queue entertainment.
All participants play simultaneously and every 15 minutes whoever gets the highest score wins an Express Pass so they won’t have to wait in the long Helix queue next time. You can download the Helix Game from the App Store or Google Play.



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