Evert Taube´s World

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    in 2016.


Evert Taube was the man who captured the Swedish summer in words, music and colour. He was a fascinating person and a true adventurer. He sailed round the world and travelled around South America almost a hundred years before the word backpacker had even been coined.

In Evert Taube’s World we hope to reveal the familiar and less well-known sides of our national poet. Welcome to a world full of surprises, exciting adventures, wonderful music, fascinating people, beautiful summer flowers and joyful laughter! 

Facts about Evert Taube´s World

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Evert Taube was very much a Swedish phenomenon. The reason for this tribute to him is his unique ability to capture in words and music the Swedish love of our short, light summers. To appreciate his stature and importance to Swedes you f irst need to understand the context and the spirit of the time. Evert Taube lived from 1890 to 1976, a period of enormous change in Sweden. This was a time when large numbers of people left the countryside and farming behind
to move to cities and factories. This upheaval led to a natural longing for the rural idyll, but also brought with it dreams of adventure and places more exotic than the towns in which people suddenly found themselves.


Evert Taube’s own life was a tale of continuing development and dreams. He grew up on a desolate lighthouse station off the coast of Gothenburg, where aspirations of becoming an artist took him to Stockholm. A lack of money and support from home forced him to go to sea, and by the age of 18 he had already sailed around the world. The experiences and influences of these early travels reappeared time after time in his poetry, prose and painting. However, it it was the adventurous seamen’s shanties that became his key to a wider audience and unprecedented popularity. seamen’s shanties that became his key to a wider audience and unprecedented popularity.

As the years passed, his tales of adventure and travel were swapped for tributes to the Swedish countryside and summer. It is for his portrayals of summer that Evert Taube is best remembered and still popular today. A Swedish summer party is not complete without enthusiastic renditions of Taube’s songs. Not a bad achievement for someone who came on the scene before radio or gramophone records, yet still managed to be the f irst and most popular TV star in an age when children and adults actually shared the same idols. This recreation attempts to bring to life an artistic career that was as diverse as it was fascinating, a career in which the dividing line between private life and work was paper-thin. His alter-ego created household names and portrayals of places so real that even today many Swedes know more about Argentina than their neighbouring municipality. His songs have a magic all of their own, and over
thirty years after the death of Evert Taube they are still sung and interpreted by young performers in their own way. All the content of Evert Taube’s World is in Swedish, but it is still generally appreciated on an emotional and musical level by people of all nationalities. Please ask one of our guides if you have any questions. Enjoy!


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