Information for people
with disabilities

Liseberg's goal is to make the amusement park and its activities accessible to everyone. Unfortunately some disabilities do limit opportunities to use certain attractions and facilities. We provide this information to give you guidance and hopefully make your visit to Liseberg more enjoyable if you have a disability.

Arriving at the park

There are a number of parking spaces reserved for people with disability permits, near the Main Entrance and South Entrance.


You can buy your admission tickets at the entrances. There are wheelchair-friendly admission booths at both entrances.


If you have a disability that means you need an attendant, your attendant can get free admission. Contact the Guest Services & Ticket Centre at the Main Entrance, or Information at the South Entrance.


Liseberg can provide a limited number of wheelchairs. You can pre-book a wheelchair before your visit at +46 31-400 100


Guest Services

Guest Servies is located in the Main Entrance, in the middle of the park and at the South Entrance. You can get all the information and help you need here, including ride products that are ideal for your visit. There is also a First Aid room here where guests can rest.


Tickets and Ride Passes

Tickets and Ride Passes can be bought from several locations in the park. Guest Services will be happy to tell you about the various products. If you use a wheelchair you can also buy tickets and Ride Passes from Guest Services.


If you need an attendant to help you get in and out of an attraction, or to support you during a ride, you can get an attendant’s pass from Guest Services. This Ride Pass can only be used by your attendant when you ride or visit attractions together.


Rides and attractions

We have many different rides and attractions at Liseberg amusement park. They each have different rules and restrictions. Please talk to the staff at Guest Services to find out which attractions are suitable for you.


When you arrive at an attraction please let the staff know so that they can let you in by the easiest possible route.


At the following attractions you can contact staff using the entrance intercom:


Kanonen – the entrance intercom and lift up to the attraction are located just to the left of the entrance.


Balder – enter through the exit gate and continue as far as possible through the exit tunnel. The entrance intercom and lift up to the attraction are on the left at the far end.


Kållerado – entrance intercom is on the right of the entrance.


Lisebergbanan – there is no entrance intercom here; enter through Järnvägsrestaurangen and take the lift up.


AtmosFear – entrance via lift near escalator. After the lift has taken you down, use the entrance intercom to contact the ride staff.


Shops and wheels of fortune

Most shops and wheels of fortune are accessible by guests with disabilities. Some shops do have thresholds, however. Talk to the staff, who will be happy to assist you.


Amusement Arcade

Inside the Amusement Arcade there are signs showing the way to the lift that takes you to the third floor.



Liseberg’s restaurants are all accessible by wheelchair, with the exception of Burger King near AtmosFear (see Upper park). At the restaurant Tyrolen there are signs showing the way to the disabled entrance.


Stages and park entertainment

All the concerts at our outdoor stages are accessible by wheelchair users. There are two wheelchair ramps in front of Stora Scenen. Places are limited so it’s a good idea to get there early. At the Lilla Scenen and Taubescenen stages there are spaces for wheelchair users between the front of the stage and the first rows of seats.


Liseberg Theatre and Liseberg Hall

When there are performances at our indoor stages there will be staff on hand to guide you. These premises are equipped with inductive hearing loops.


Signed interpreting

This summer a selection of our performances will have sign language interpreting.


Upper park

Unfortunately it is not easy to get up to the upper park. A steep path leads from Liseberg Theatre, past the attractions in the upper park towards AtmosFear. If you do not have an attendant, please tell the gate host at the Main Entrance. Liseberg’s park hosts and stewards will be happy to help you if they are able to and have time.



There are disabled toilets at the following locations:


- Liseberg Hall, north and south foyers (gender-neutral; toilet at south side has a changing table)


- In the Children’s Area (gender-neutral, equipped with changing table)


- At Hamnkrogen (gender-neutral, equipped with changing table)


- At House of Mirrors (ladies and gents)


- At Amusement Arcade (gender-neutral, equipped with changing table)


- Beneath the Waltzer (ladies and gents, ladies is also equipped with changing table)


- At AtmosFear (gender-neutral, equipped with changing table)


- At Kanonen (gender-neutral, equipped with changing table)


- At Café Taube (gender-neutral)


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