Christmas at Liseberg

Liseberg Park is divided into a succession of Christmas areas, so you can travel through time and space while you are here. Be transported by snow or take a tour to Rabbit Land and discover how the slightly wacky rabbits celebrate Christmas. In the Old-Fashioned Christmas district we take you back in time, where choirs sing on the street corners. You can even journey further back – right to the Middle Ages.

Winter Land

Snowmen will welcome you inside the gates.

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Take the escalator up to Tornet. This is the place to find Christmas gifts.

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Visit Santa's Christmas Workshop

In Santa’s House each child can give his or her wish list to Santa – or place it in the magical wish list machine… 

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Christmas with the Rabbits

Come and celebrate Christmas with the Liseberg Rabbits.

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Visit an Old-Fashioned Christmas Market

A chance to buy sweets and Christmas trees and listen to the choirs. Step back in time and experience the Christmas of a bygone era.

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Traditional Christmas Market

You’ll find the traditional Christmas market down by Tyrolen and Wave Swinger.

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Discover a piece of Lapland

Something special happens as you enter the Lapland area. The flames, the snow and the silence create a sense of peace. 

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Travel back in time to the middle ages

Preparations for the approaching midwinter festival are in full swing in the Medieval Village near the Fairy Tale Castle. 

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