For many years, Hotel Liseberg Heden has been deeply concerned about the environment and actively involved in environmental improvement. We began caring for the environment much earlier than many other companies in related fields.


Our environmental management strategy has seven basic points:

- Source separation of waste
- Transportation
- Laundry
- Energy and water
- Disposables vs. reusables
- Cleaning chemicals
- Paper and office supplies

Environmental care is an integral part of Hotel Liseberg Heden’s quality concept. We are firmly convinced that active environmental involvement will increase our reputation among the hotel's clients.

Hotel Liseberg Heden aims to conduct sustainable activities, and to offer hotel, conference and restaurant services with minimum environmental impact.



Our menu


Our restaurant serves dishes made on high quality ingredients. Local produce and products, available here and now, constitute a large part of the menu. We feel that food tastes best when it’s made on nature's terms. Only then does the food on your plate taste at its best – and feel good in your stomach afterwards.

Serving a seasonal menu means that you enjoy fresh produce currently in season. Although we can’t promise you’ll get asparagus with your fillet of beef all year round, we guarantee that the entire journey from earth to table is as natural as humanly possible.



Environmental Diploma 

In 1995, the Gothenburg Environment Administration and the Swedish Youth Association for Nature Studies and Environmental Protection began awarding diplomas to hotels that implemented a certain number of concrete environmental protection measures. Hotell Liseberg Heden was proud to receive the first of these diplomas, and our restaurant, Hedens Hörna, received the second diploma.

Ever since then, our diplomas have been renewed every year. We constantly improve our environmental standards, and always aim to persuade our hotel guests, suppliers and staff to make environmentally friendly choices and protect the environment.


Miljödiplomering logga





What is the Environmental Diploma?


The City of Gothenburg Environment Administration collaborates with the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities in promoting environmental compliance in companies and other organisations.

To earn a diploma, you must implement an environmental management system, including an environmental policy and an environmental plan. The handling of chemicals must be recorded, and the entire organisation must receive environmental training. Routines for environmental assessment on purchase must be introduced, and the company must fulfil at least 75% of a checklist of practical actions.

For more information, see www.miljodiplom.se (only in swedish).

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